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arnold shwarzenegger and franco columbo shirtless post resistance training and smiling symbolizing it as a viable treatment for depression
Research: Resistance Training Is an Effective Treatment for Depression
An Irish systematic review of current research has found resistance training may be a very helpful treatment for depression. And this may be Read more.

physical therapy tips wooden doll sitting in poor posture
101 Clinically Proven Physical Therapy Tips to Conquer Pain, Reclaim Normal Function and Enhance the Quality of Your Life in
As an experienced Physical Therapist, I’ve come to understand many things about the body, its mechanics, injury and the recovery process. Some things Read more.

man looking at evidence based practice on a wall
Why I’m At Odds With Evidence-Based Practice
Over the last few years, I’ve been questioning what the term ‘evidence-based practice’ means to me personally and professionally as a Physiotherapist (Physical Read more.

woman immersed in cold water looking at mountains
Research: Cold Water Immersion Stunts Muscle Hypertrophy
The thought of cold water immersion may not instantly sound appealing to the uninitiated. Yet despite this perception, we often underrate its ability Read more.

the marc pro plus
The Marc Pro: 14 Unique Benefits to Revolutionize Your Rehab & Recovery
How familiar are you with the Marc Pro device? If the answer is “not very” and you value fitness and performance then you’re Read more.

man sitting in ice bath for post-workout recovery
How to Recover Faster: 13 Ways to Optimize Your Post-Workout Recovery
The rise of the internet has brought with it access to a worldwide network of cutting-edge fitness and workout information. We’ve never been Read more.

woman lying sideways on bed with neck-related headache
Are Your Headaches Neck-Related? How to Self-Diagnose and Find Relief
Do you suffer from headaches? More importantly, do you feel like they’re under control? If like many, you experience regular headaches you’ll know Read more.

arnold achwarzenegger bicep curl training to failure
Research: Resistance Training to Failure Leads to Less Muscle Hypertrophy Than Sub-Maximal Training
Training to failure is a common characteristic of many strength-training programs. So much so that we often see it as essential to optimize Read more.

dwyane wade with ice on both knees
Why You Shouldn’t Ice an Injury (or RICE)
Hands up if you try to do the right thing and ice an injury? Even if you don’t it’s widely known you probably Read more.

woman standing on rock with light beaming down
Research: Find Better Health and Wellbeing With a Small Dose of Nature
Do you want to improve your sense of good health and wellbeing? Well, the results of a recent study suggest it may be Read more.