kettlebells home exercise equipment
The Coronavirus has made our world that little bit smaller of late. And the need to take charge of your own pain, health

running during sunset heel striking and forefoot striking
If you run, there’s every chance you're aware of the heel strike vs forefoot strike debate. For those unaware, there's no current consensus

natural tips to boost immune system in response to coronavirus no drugs
It's fair to say the world feels a little different at the moment thanks to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Its impact on social events,

tennis player serena williams forehand grunting
The topic of grunting in tennis is both interesting and controversial. Many spectators see grunting as disrespectful and ultimately annoying to listen to.

On the surface, treatment for tight chest muscles is well-defined. All you need is a consistent stretching regime to loosen those tight chest

arnold shwarzenegger and franco columbo shirtless post resistance training and smiling symbolizing it as a viable treatment for depression
An Irish systematic review of current research has found resistance training may be a very helpful treatment for depression. And this may be

physical therapy tips wooden doll sitting in poor posture
As an experienced Physical Therapist, I've come to understand many things about the body, its mechanics, injury and the recovery process. Some things

man looking at evidence based practice on a wall
Over the last few years, I've been questioning what the term 'evidence-based practice' means to me personally and professionally as a Physiotherapist (Physical

woman immersed in cold water looking at mountains
The thought of cold water immersion may not instantly sound appealing to the uninitiated. Yet despite this perception, we often underrate its ability

the marc pro plus
How familiar are you with the Marc Pro device? If the answer is "not very" and you value fitness and performance then you're