How to Successfully Treat Hip Bursitis (Must Include the Back)

How to Successfully Treat Hip Bursitis (Must Include the Back)

Hip bursitis is rightfully looked at as a hip-related issue. But what if there was more to the onset and persistence of hip bursitis than we realized?

Clinically, I find a relatively hidden section of the lower back may actually be an underlying and often overlooked, cause of hip bursitis.

In this video, I go through the connection I’m finding between the back and the hip, and go through three important exercises to focus on.

Treating the lower back may seem odd to some considering when discussing hip pain, but I find it just so important. If you’re struggling to shake your hip pain, I hope this video pleasantly surprises you!

Ideas covered in this video include:

  • Why you don’t need to ice the hip
  • How to avoid injections and pain medication
  • The need to focus on your spinal function and posture

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