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Inside Fitness: 10 Musculoskeletal Myths You Didn’t Realize Were False

Inside Fitness: 10 Musculoskeletal Myths You Didn’t Realize Were False

Good news, I’m fortunate enough to have an article published by Inside Fitness, Canada’s number one fitness magazine!

Screenshot of inside fitness website with the Your Wellness Nerd article 10 musculoskeletal myths you didn't realise were false on the front page
A Your Wellness Nerd article on the front page of Inside Fitness Magazine‘s website.


The article entitled 10 Musculoskeletal Myths You Didn’t Realize Were False┬ásuggests a list of popular ideas that we should challenge. Ideas, that on the surface make perfect sense – which is why they may have persisted so long, but should come into question with renewed perspective.

These are important myths to dispel considering a small shift in thinking can have huge benefits to our health, wellness and physical function. Improved quality of life is nothing to sneeze at.

Text from 10 musculoskeletal myths article published on inside fitness magazine's website
There I am! The article published on Inside Fitness Magazine’s website.


What Myths To Look Forward To

In the article I cover the following myths:

  1. Sleeping Funny
  2. Cracking Your Joints Is Bad
  3. Squatting Below Parallel Is Bad For Your Hips
  4. Growing Pains
  5. You Need To Hold A Stretch
  6. It’s An “Age Thing”
  7. Hamstring Tightness At The Back Of Your Knee
  8. Your Best Posture Is Back And Down
  9. Noisy Knees Are A Sign Of Arthritis
  10. Your Back Is “Out”

Interestingly, I get asked about these topics a lot as a Physiotherapist. If the frequency of those conversations are anything to go by I think you’ll find some interesting points to consider. Hopefully there’s an “a ha!” moment or two as well.

If you’ve been following me for a while now you’ll recognise that I’ve covered a few of these points in depth already on the site. Excitingly, I hope to cover the rest as the weeks roll on!

But for now, please go and have a read and let me know what you think in the COMMENTS below.

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