Treating Fibromyalgia: Why We Can’t Neglect What’s Going On Behind The Scenes

Treating Fibromyalgia: Why We Can’t Neglect What’s Going On Behind The Scenes

In today’s video, I discuss the very real issue of how treating Fibromyalgia.

In my opinion, the medical industry currently does a really poor job of validating those with Fibromyalgia. Collectively, the way my patients are treated (both medically and socially) is incredibly frustrating for them. The industry’s incapacity to help is just so disheartening for them. Ultimately, we just don’t seem to be able to make a big enough impact on Fibromyalgia.

As a Physiotherapist who’s passionate about trying to help my patients solve their dysfunction, I’ve spent a lot of hours listening and learning. And this has been vital for my ability to figure out how to conquer Fibro.

For starters, it’s far more than just a physical condition. Clinically, there’s such a strong link to stress and a chronically heightened nervous system. This appears to fundamentally shift the goalposts of how we should perceive Fibromyalgia, but the medical industry doesn’t quite seem across this yet. But I sincerely hope this changes soon.

As a result, successfully treating Fibromyalgia has to be built around any obvious physical dysfunction, but also catered towards de-stressing and down-regulating things behind the scenes. We need to explore the reasons behind why someone is stuck in a cycle of chronic pain. What’s keeping them in a state of fight or flight and turning their pain into a monster.

Here is what I’ve come to understand about what Fibromyalgia actually is, the reason why it’s there, and why it’s hard for it to magically go away with current thinking and treatment.

– Grant

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