5 Highly Effective Hip Mobility Exercises (Immediate Results)

5 Highly Effective Hip Mobility Exercises (Immediate Results)

For instant improvements in your hip function, give these five highly effective hip mobility exercises a try.

Traditional hip stretching just doesn’t do what we often ask it to. We have the best intentions of course, but regular hip stretches miss an integral part of hip immobility – hip capsule stiffness.

However, by using a power band, we can get to the heart of why most hips don’t do what they need to.

In today’s video, I go through five effective hip mobility exercises to improve your pain and hip function.

Effective hip mobility exercises covered in this video:

  • Banded Couch Stretch
  • Banded Hip Joint Capsule Stretch
  • Banded Hip Flexion Stretch
  • Banded Groin Stretch
  • Lacrosse Ball TFL Hip Exercises

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– Grant

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